She Loves Her Green Bay Lifestyle Liposuction

Love Handles Be Gone

Jordan Says She Wants More!


Q: – We’re excited to talk to you today. You had Lifestyle Liposuction performed – didn’t you?

Jordan – I did – it was better than I thought. Dr. Hetz is a very good doctor, very kind – but, you must follow directions.

Q: What did you have done?

Jordan – Upper stomach and abdomen. Soon to have arms and – and, I’m thinking about other parts. It’s in progress. I wanted my love handles done first.

green bay lipo abodmen photoQ: How long were you thinking about this?

Jordan – About a year-and-a-half. When I saw that Dr. Hetz offered Lifestyle Liposuction – and loved that patients are so thrilled about it – they say they love it. I’m lovin’ mine. It’s like a guarantee. That made me feel very comfortable.

Q: That’s great. Liposuction can change your life.

Jordan – It can because – you see a better person immediately – and knowing that it went so well, it’s an easy decision to want more – just in case.  Yes, and I do recommend Dr. Hetz. He’s very caring and – I just love going back.  

Q: How do you look?

Jordan – I love looking in the mirror again – as much as possible. It’s almost like – “I finally took care of this.”

Q: That’s a great feeling

Jordan – It is. Thanks Dr. Hetz. I’m Lovin’ My Lifestyle Liposuction.”


Dr. Hetz has a special offer on Lifestyle Liposuction. What area is a concern for you? Call us today!

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Neck Liposuction – Darlene From Green Bay

Was Tired Of Looking At Her Neck

Q: Darlene – you just had a lipo done with Dr. Hetz. What did you have done?

Darlene – I had lipo performed on my neck.

Q: How long had you been thinking about this?

Darlene – For quite some time. I went to a local plastic surgeon and they suggested something that was much more than I needed – especially the price.

Q: That can happen, but you were savvy enough to know better.   

green bay liposuction neck photoDarlene – I knew that there was technology that could do what I wanted, so I looked around the Internet.

Q: What did the plastic surgeon recommend?

Darlene – A type of surgery that would cost upwards of $10,000. And, that turned me off. But, it started something else – the need to look at alternatives.

Q: That’s lots of money – and surgery too. That’s exactly what did not happen with Lifestyle Liposuction and Dr. Hetz.

Darlene – That’s right. I found what I was looking for on line. Made an appointment with Dr. Hetz and he told me all the latest in technologies – and that it would not be anything like the Plastic Surgeon had suggested.  From there, I made up my mind quickly.

Q: How did the procedure go?

Darlene – Great. It was a good day for me.

Q: How do you look now?

Darlene – I like getting my picture taken now; I like looking in the mirror because – that fat is no longer hanging down from my neck. If it’s an area of concern for you – get it done. I’m Lovin My Lifestyle Liposuction!


Get Special Savings On Lifestyle Liposuction – Whether it be your neck, saddlebags, legs, love handles. Lifestyle Liposuction Is Here! Call us today!


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Getting Rid Of Man Boobs – Men – Just For You

Lifestyle Liposuction Solved Robert’s Problem Of Man Boobs Gynecomastia

Enlarged Male Breasts Affect Three Out Of Four Men


Q: Gynescomastia is enlargement of the male breast tissue. And Robert – you know lots  of men have a problem with male breasts or man boobs.
Robert – That’s right – I had them for quite some time.  I had the GPS liposuction done – which is part of Dr. Hetz “Lifestyle Liposuction” and it worked wonders.
Q: How long had you had man boobs?
green bay man boobs before afterRobert – Most of my adult life as I inherited them from my father.  I know that – when I began to get into the pool with my grandkids – I hated seeing myself like that. I heard about Lifestyle Liposuction – so, I went to Dr. Hetz. I didn’t want to go through another round of warm weather without doing something about it.
Q: What technologies did Dr. Hetz use?
Robert – He used a combination of laser along the GPS technology and one other technology – and he removed as much material as possible. It worked great and I can’t wait until summer. Also, I now want to do something about my stomach.
Q: How was recovery?
Robert – Not difficult at all. The procedure went very well and the results are beyond what I expected. Dr. Hetz did a great job.
Q: Ever since Dr. Hetz came into Green Bay – the Lifestyle Lipo has had great reviews with men and women.
Robert – I agree. The entire experience for me, was positive.  
Q: Man boobs affect a lot of men.
Robert – I see it all the time – and they can do something about it.
Q: Robert – Thanks for your time today.

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Wisconsin’s Best Liposuction – Lifestyle Lipo – Dr. Hetz Update

Dr Hetz talks About His Decision To Offer “Lifestyle Lipo”

The Green Bay Way


Q: Dr. Hetz – what is Lifestyle Liposuction?

Dr. Hetz – It’s simply the best in liposuction for the Wisconsin woman or man – who want limited down time – and – ready to get back to Lifestyle. And, it’s a procedure to fit your needs and your budget.

Q: Sounds like a tall order.

Dr. Hetz – Not really. I’ve done many of these types of procedures already – and, many patients said exactly that – that they get back to their lifestyle quickly and feel great.

lifestyle lipo abdomen photoQ: So, It’s an Exciting Way To Look And Experience Any Liposuction.

Dr. Hetz – That’s correct – and with technologies such as GPS Lipo – you can get additional skin tightening as well. Lifestyle Liposuction involves the best in fat removal using laser and other modalities.

Q: What’s the experience like for the client?

Dr. Hetz – I’ve had GPS myself – and I can tell you, the experience was great, my results were even and I look great at 55! The experience are results – complete.

Q: Lifestyle Lipo covers butt, hips, abdominal – doesn’t it?

Dr. Hetz – Anywhere on the body – and that material can be transplanted into say, the breasts and butt. It’s great for fat harvesting.

Q: Complete lipo. It sounds like an incredible way of doing liposuction.

Dr. Hetz – Lifestyle Lipo is something you’re going to look forward to.  That, I promise. You’re going to say, “I’m Lovin’ My Lifestyle Lipo!”   


Lifestyle Lipo For 2014. Save Now! Click Here!


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Green Bay’s Best In Skin Treatment – Just Ask Esthetician Michella

Esthetician Michella Joins Youthful Endeavors – And That’s Good News

Where Skin Treatments And Technology Come Together



Q: Michella – You’re new to Youthful Endeavors. How long have you been an esthetician?

Michella – Over nine years now.

Q:  What exactly does an esthetician do?

Michella – A skin care specialist. If you have acne, pigmentation spots, acne – any kind of skin concerns.

Q: Tell us about pigmentation?

rosacia photo green bay skin treatmentMichella – Those are spots which can be caused by the sun. Pregnancy can produce pigmentation as well.

Q: What else do you see?

Michella – I do a lot of acne treatments.

Q: Do a lot of adults have acne?

Michella – Yes and of course, teens. For treatments – you can do microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments – all to help the scarring.

Q: Microdermabrasion and laser technology are really popular

Michealla – Yes . The laser can address redness in skin, Rosacia. It’s come a long way for hair removal and more. Both are fantastic for those seeking younger looking skin.  

Q: So, at Youthful Endeavors – you’re ready to tackle anyone with skin issues.

Michella – Pretty much. We’re ready for what’s bothering you. Even waxing lips and eyebrows.

Q: Michella – thanks for your time today.  

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Green Bay Location Off To Great Start – November Open House

Youthful Endeavors Set For November 14 Open House –  You Save Big!


Q: Dr. Hetz – You have a big update. Green Bay has been a huge success.  

Dr. Hetz – The Green Bay opening has been tremendous. It’s been a terrific response.

Q: Specifically?

Dr. Hetz – I quickly realized that our type of services were needed here in Green Bay. I wished I had done this earlier. I’ve already added a new esthetician and new office manager.

Q: What are women looking for?

laser liposuction green bay cosmeticDr. Hetz – We’ve done a tremendous amount of business in services such as Botox, liposuction, laser rejuvenation – and, even fat transfer.

Q: And you also offer Silhouette Lift and other great procedures for women. What’s going on in November?

Dr. Hetz – We have a ribbon cutting on November 13 and open house on November 14. We’re going to have terrific specials through the end of November. Specials you won’t get any other time. We also have – events at the open house – as we will be giving away treatments. And, lots of drawings.

Q: We want to remind everyone to get on your e-mail list for specials. You do more than any cosmetic doctor out there.

Dr. Hetz – Just fill out quick form to the right. You will be updated on frequent specials on anything we do – big and small. We have specials on fat transfers and butt lifts. Zero percent financing and our pricing is untouchable during this November grand opening. We’ll update you and give you huge savings in November.

Q: Dr. Hetz – sounds exciting!


Get Your Open House Invite – Or Get Notified Of Cosmetic Savings. Fill out quick form to the right!


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She Got Rid Of Her Lower Love Handles – And Loves Her Jeans!

Kirsten Got Fed Up With Lower Love Handles

Says Diet & Exercise Couldn’t Lose Them


Q: Kirsten – you were a Dr. Hetz lipo patient – and – you have a good story that’s very typical for middle-age women.

Kirsten – Yes, I had a love handle problem that I’ve wanted to shake.

Q: Before Dr. Hetz – what had you tried?

Kirsten – Lots of exercise and watching my food. I did lose weight – but not there. I was told – it’s normal – that in order to get rid of that kind of fat, you need liposuction.

Q: That’s correct. Where was this problem?

Kirsten – Lower love handles and more to the back. I hated to wear jeans and tighter shirts. Hated the bulge that was there. I had wanted to do something over the past year.

liposuction info green bay wi

Q: And, this was laser lipo?

Kirsten – That’s right.

Q: How do you look now?

Kirsten – Great! The bulge is gone and the jeans look great.

Q: And, you still watch your diet and exercise?

Kirsten – I do – and – hopefully – this won’t come back.

Q: What’s next for you?

Kirsten – I’m considering have another cosmetic procedure – but, that’s in the near future. 

Q: That makes sense – because – you see the results this time – and the improvement.

Kirsten – That’s exactly right. Dr. Hetz did a great job.


Liposuction is a great way to go – if, you want to get rid of Love Handles. Dr. Hetz has a special offer. Tell him you read about Kirsten and want more information!!


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Patient Wanda Wanted Liposuction – And She’s Glad She Did.

Wanda Turned 49 And Was Tired Of Her Bulging Abdomen


Q: You recently had something performed with Dr. Hetz. What was it.

Wanda – I had liposuction done on my upper and lower abdomen.

Q: What were the circumstances?

Wanda – Always had the stomach. Believe me, this wasn’t an overnight decision. I finally bought the bullet and talked to Dr. Hetz.

Q: For most folks – it’s never an overnight decision – although – they’ve thought about doing something. Some, for many years.

Wanda – That’s certainly true for me.  

Q:  Had you tried anything else?

lipo before and after photo green bayWanda – Dieting. I lost weight – but gained it back. But – even though I had the loss, I still had a gut. And, it was a problem I knew it wasn’t going away. And, this was the only way that was going to disappear.

Q: That’s correct. Can we ask your age?

Wanda – 49.

Q: And, this was a few months ago. How do you look now?

Wanda – A lot better than what I did. I like the fact that I can put on my jeans and my tummy isn’t hanging over my belt buckle.

Q: Yes, it’s all about lifestyle – isn’t it?

Wanda – That’s so true.

Q: How’s your weight now?

Wanda – The lipo took off a few pounds and I’ll continue to keep it down. I want to keep my shape. I’m so motivated now to keep myself looking this way.

Q: So – looking back – was this a good decision?

Wanda – Not only a good decision – the best decision. It’s behind me – and – I look forward to looking in the mirror and being in front of folks.

Q: Wanda – thanks your time.


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Silhouette Face Lift Comes To Green Bay

Silhouette Lift Is Quick, Versatile & Easy – With Great Results!

Green Bay Now Has The Best Choice – Save Time & Money 


facelift green bay photoQ: Dr. Hetz – you bring Silhouette Lift to Green Bay. That’s good news for those going outside the area for Lifestyle. 

Dr. Hetz – It’s exciting  because – Silhouette is the most minimally invasive lift of them all. It’s versatile and gives results comparable to much more expensive, much more invasive lifts.

Q: It’s quite revolutionary – isn’t it?

Dr. Hetz – Yes – because it’s highly adjustable. No facelift lasts more then 3 to 5 years – but with Silhouette – that person can come in and it can be adjusted – a tune-up so-to-speak. Without starting over.

Q: And, if an area is a little too tight – you can adjust as well.

Dr. Hetz – Yes, that gives me comfort as a surgeon and that ensures the outcome will be its best.

Q: Is this for lower, mid and upper face?

Dr. Hetz – That’s correct – although – I seem to do more lower face than anything. Neck as well.

Q: And, more women do this – what’s the average age?

Dr. Hetz – Lots of women over 45 – but I’ve seen women 35 year-olds and I’ve seen 70-year-olds.

Q: Lots of clients sometimes do a lipo, and then want something like Silhouette Lift.

silhouette facelift hetz before after photoDr. Hetz – Yes – because once you see an improvement in one part – you begin asking questions about another part. It’s a good attitude to have.  

Q: Fractional laser works well with Silhouette – because – you not only get the lift, but the skin smoothing as well.

Dr. Hetz – This is a powerful one-two punch. Sometimes – skin condition isn’t the best – so, as Silhouette is to lifting – fractional laser can give the skin a younger look. It’s an amazing outcome.

Q: So,here in Green Bay – women have a great choice with Silhouette Lift and the various combinations – if need be. Dr. Hetz, thanks for your time today.

Save On Silhouette Today! – Fill Out Quick Form Or Call Youthful Endeavors For Yours! 

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Green Bay Grand Opening – Botox & Other Skin Treatment Specials/Sale!

Youthful Endeavors Opens In Green Bay

The Best In What Women Want For Skin And Feeling Special!


green bay botox treatment photoHard to imagine – get 10-25% off the procedures that matter to you most – Botox, microderm, skin peel, laser skin smoothing and much more – it’s all here at Youthful Endeavors.

So, even if you’re getting your Botox or skin smoothing somewhere else – save money now!

And, to prove we’ve been around – take a look here at two recent interviews we did with patients doing liposuction and Silhouette Face Lift. Yes, Dr Hetz does those procedures well… as well!

It’s simple – we want to be your answer to looking and feeling your best – from Botox to getting rid of love handles.

Our 10-25% savings apply to you and a friend and/or a family member. And, just in time for Fall!  Save On:

  • green bay lips treatment photoBotox
  • Chemical/laser Peels
  • Photo Facials
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Electrolysis Rid of Age Spots
  • Lip enhancement

And more… including Lipo & Face Lifting! Just fill out the quick form or call us…

Tell them you want your savings – and, you’re in.


Get Rid Of Wrinkles W/Botox On “The Doctors”

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